Timothy Eaton & Associates

Developing Artists And Building Rewarding Careers


The Music Business at present has been dramatically cleaved into two distinct sectors:  

 - Supported Major Label Artists with all the inherent pressures and timetables...striving to stay relevant.

 - Up and coming Independent Artists, competing in a congested marketplace, fighting to realize their rightful market share of attention and monies.

Timothy Eaton and Associates has unique expertise in both areas and provides everything a client may need at the highest professional level.

It’s true, and we’re confident in saying that our list of capabilities is limitless.  Years of experience and relationship-building have created our robust stable of partners that enjoy challenges just as much as we do.



Here is a list of our core capabilities:

  • Music Production

  • Icon Branding

  • Career Consultation

  • Brand Analysis and Strategy

  • Image Refinement

  • Legal Representation

  • Conflict Resolution